Macrium Reflect

Powerful and reliable backup for Windows

Macrium Reflect is a powerful backup tool created to give organizations peace of mind and confidence that their data is secure and always available.

Built for Windows and available in a range of product types – including standalone endpoints, site management deployments, and multiple site management – Macrium combines flexibility and accessibility with relentless focus on high quality backup and data protection.

As a disaster recovery and system reliability become more important in these uncertain times, Macrium backup can play a vital role in reseller and MSP technology portfolios, helping them to ensure that their customers’ and clients’ data is safe.

Easy to use and manage

Centralized backup management.

Use Macrium Site Manager to manage multiple standalone installations of Reflect, or Macrium Agent Licenses, or manage backup across multiple tenants with Multisite.

Pre-defined backup plan templates.

Use pre-loaded templates to backup wit minimal fuss, so you can focus more on what matters.

Fast restore and recovery

viBoot for Disaster Recovery.

Directly convert a Macrium System Image file into a running Virtual Machine to instantly boot failed systems.

Rapid Delta Restore.

Rapidly recover data from single or multiple full backups and cut restore times by up to 90%.

Rapid and secure backup

Ransomware protection with Macrium Image Guardian.

Defend backups stored on local and USB attached disks from ransomware attacks.

Changed Block Tracking (CBT)

Perform fast incremental and differential backups to minimize interruptions.

The Macrium product family

There’s no single way to use backup effectively – every organization is different. That’s why Macrium has made its powerful backup engine available in a number of different products.

Standalone endpoint protection

From workstation to physical and virtual server backup, Macrium Reflect standalone licenses can be used to protect data and on individual endpoints. Protection for critical data on Exchange and SQL Servers is also available with Server Plus licenses.

Backup at scale

Built to give Macrium Service Providers and other businesses the ability to both install and monitor backups, Macrium Site Manager and Macrium Agent Licenses ensure that you not only have comprehensive protection across all workstations and servers, but also that you have full transparency over how your deployments are working - which means you can swiftly take action if you identify a problem.

Cloud-based multi-tenant management

Scale further using Macrium Multisite, a cloud-based console that extends Site Manager’s coverage. Designed for MSPs and enterprise organizations that need to manage complex and large-scale backup deployments, Multisite provides clear, detailed dashboards and offers monitoring and alerting capabilities that can help keep things simple and manageable when you’re dealing with backup on a huge scale.

Backup tools for IT staff

Backup is a powerful tool in ensuring the reliability and performance of IT equipment. Macrium Technician’s License and Macrium Deployment Kit both provide portable backup that technicians can use to protect and move data quickly and safely.

Macrium Deployment Kit helps users create and deploy a “golden image” across multiple workstations or servers, in order to replicate an operating system or environment at scale.

Macrium’s Technician License allows users to carry the powerful Macrium Reflect in their pocket – with it, Macrium Reflect can be run from a USB stick, where it can be used to backup and restore machines while performing maintenance.

Whether you’re a reseller or Managed Service Provider, you can rely on Macrium to provide your customers and clients with the essential data protection support they need.

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