Turbocharge your customers’ growth and manage their entire backup universe from a single screen.

Unitrends MSP enables the highest margins and lowest cost of ownership with flexible pricing options. Offer business continuity services that work for all of your customers’ needs. With Unitrends MSP, you can:

  • Manage Everything in One Place

    The Unitrends MSP Portal is built to give you complete visibility into your customers’ entire backup universe so you can monitor and manage everything from one place. And it’s integrated with your favorite RMM to make deployment and monitoring a breeze.

  • Hyperfocus on Problem Solving

    Who has time to manage backups all day? The Unitrends MSP Portal is tightly focused on helping your customers address problems so they can get in, get out, and get on with their day.

  • Implement BackupIQ™

    BackupIQ™ uses artificial intelligence to surface the most important issues so your customers can feel confident that their technicians are working on the right things all the time.

  • Present Beautiful Customer Reporting

    Automatically send beautiful reports every week, month, or quarter so your customers rest easy knowing they’ve got a stellar team and world class technology keeping their business up and running.

  • Provide Enterprise Class Technology

    Be a hero to your customers. Reduce downtime with instant recovery, ransomware detection, and automated DR testing. Gartner didn’t name Unitrends a DRaaS Visionary for nothing.

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